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(For paid positions, I will do my best to supplement your base salary in order to provide you with a livable wage)

Postdoctoral Research Scientist (Recruiting on a rolling basis)

We are interested in exceptional postdoctoral researchers with an interest in the neurobiology of fear and anxiety. Past experience with animal behavior and stereotaxic surgery + molecular biology or computer science or mathematics is preferred. Outside of the primary research focus of the lab, postdocs are encouraged to develop an independent research program that they can take with them. Interested applicants should send a Cover Letter, CV, and have three reference writers secured so as to expedite the process. Postdoctoral applicants are especially encouraged to contact Dr. Asok directly.


Graduate Student (Recruiting 2 for Fall 2021)

Our lab is interested in talented and creative graduate students. Students interested in applying to the lab should have familiarity with animal behavioral techniques, some molecular biology (e.g., immunohistochemistry, PCR, qPCR, or genotyping, etc.), some basic computational skills (e.g., python, basic programming, and/or statistics)​, and stereotaxic surgery. However, the most important prerequisites are "good hands," troubleshooting, and designing creative solutions to questions. Additional admissions and funding information for prospective students can be found here and here. The application deadline for the UWM Doctoral Program is December 1st for admission in the following academic year. Doctoral applicants are especially encouraged to contact Dr. Asok directly with their CV and research interests.


Research Technician/Lab Manager (Recruiting 1 from Jan.-June 2021)

Our lab is very interested in a talented research technician/lab manager looking to commit a few years (with the opportunity to stay much longer) to research and management. Individuals interested in applying should have strong organization skills, strong communication skills, familiarity/comfort working with rodents, and be willing to learn various neuroscience bench skills. Experience with or in interest in stereotactic viral injections, immunohistochemistry, vibratome or cryostat-based brain sectioning, and microscopy are plus. However, individuals from all backgrounds, including business, are encouraged to apply. Technicians/Managers will have the opportunity to contribute to research that leads to publication as well as other opportunities for scientific growth. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Asok directly.


Undergraduate Research Assistant (Recruiting 4-5 from Jan.-Sept. 2021)

Undergraduate students with an interest in the neurobiology of memory and emotion, broadly defined, as well as an interest in the ongoing work of our laboratory, should apply via the link below. Previous research experience is not required, but the ability to work well with one's hands, critically think about and troubleshoot problems, and dedicate time to experiments is required. Interested applicants should apply below.


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